Meet the guys behind the brush.

Mike Davidson, RDH, BSDH, and Dr. Mike Smith, DDS, have worked on teeth and gums every day for more than 40 years collectively. And they‘ve treated their share of gum disease. So, about 7 years ago, they decided to do something about it…something that would take them on a journey full of countless ups, downs, prototypes and passport stamps, not to mention sweat—and a lot of personal—equity. Acting on the realization that big corporate toothbrush companies were misleading the public by likening a pretty smile to a healthy mouth, Mike & Mike focused on the root cause of gum disease, which is brushing technique more than anything else. The result of their tireless effort is the MD Brush, a toothbrush that trains the user to clean their gumline and teeth effectively every time, and helps prevent the onset of gum disease and illnesses linked to the disease.

  • WHAT: The only toothbrush designed by a Dentist and Hygienist for the American Dental Association’s recommended 45-degree BASS method. The 3 components of this brush, ergonomic handle, 45-degree bristle design and visual indicators ensure correct angles to clean below the gum line where bacteria thrive. This ensures a cleaner, fresher, healthier mouth with lasting health benefits to the entire body. Read the reviews for yourself and see what our patients are saying.
  • WHY: 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease due to incomplete brushing technique. Gum disease is the 6th most prevalent health condition in the USA and has now been linked to multiple systemic conditions including heart disease and diabetes. Contrary to popular belief you should NOT brush up and down, or in circles unless directed by your dentist. These common techniques clean the teeth but not the pockets below the gum line where the disease starts.
  • BENEFIT: The MD Brush improves brushing technique as the user start to think and brush like a dental professional using the correct angle. This is the lasting effect created by MD Brush. Patients begin to understand what complete brushing really feels like. The arm stroke and bristle angle are improved to ensure greater bacteria removal. MD Brush patients state they have received better checkups, faster dental visits, reduced cost and cleaner healthier mouths.
  • EXPECTATIONS: Changing brushing behavior will require time and patience. Upgrading from a regular brush or power brush, the MD Brush feels awkward at first as your grip and bristle placement are being adjusted to a 45-degree angle. Gradually brushing this way will become second nature, giving you a fresh from the dentist feeling each time you brush.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GUM HEALTH, REDUCE GINGIVITIS, AND ACHIEVE PERFECT ORAL HEALTH IN AS LITTLE AS 3 WEEKS. Bleeding gums doesn’t mean trauma. It means you have discovered where bacteria are growing, and the gums are inflamed. Keep working the angles and the gums will heal as the bacteria is continually removed.
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