Brushing with Listerine Mouthwash – A Level Up


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Brushing with Mouthwash 

Brush with toothpaste for 1 min

Use the Bass method. You may have been taught to brush in circles, or randomly just to knock plaque off, but being mindful of how you brush makes all the difference. Cleaning below the gumline and making sure that bacteria is completley eliminated so it can’t stick around to create gum disease. 

Take a mouthful of your mouthwash of choice

While it is not required, choosing a mouthwas with alcohol is what I recommend. The alcohol helps kill bacteria more effectivley, even though it may burn. Swish the mouthwash around for at least 5 seconds, but don’t spit it in the sink just yet. 

Brush with the mouthwash

You saw that right. Keep the mouthwash in and swish it around, then do another round of brushing. This stimulates the gums and allows the liquid to penetrate into the sulcus, killing bacteria that the brush couldn’t reach. Brushing with a liquid can get messy, so make sure that you are over a sink. Keep brushing for another 30 seconds before spitting out the mouthwash and rinsing your toothbrush. 

Don’t rinse your mouth! 

Yes, that minty aftertaste and slight burn may be tempting to rinse out, but don’t do it. The mouthwash, especially those with alcohol, will continue to clean your mouth and kill bacteria for up to 5 hours after you rinse. That is 5 hours of bacteria defense you are throwing away by swising right after brushing. 

If you follow these steps, it will make your dental hygiene routine and your mouth that much better. Setting up your evening or morning routine with intention and a specific focus on healthy habits makes all the difference. To clean your teeth even further, try it again, but with an MD Brush.

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