Brushing with Listerine Mouthwash – A Level Up


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Brushing with Listerine – We Call It The Listerbrush.

  1. Brush with toothpaste for 1 min (Use the Bass method – yes, it makes a difference)
  2. Rinse out the frothy goodness
  3. Take a big hit of your favorite flavor Listerine mouth wash (we like the one WITH alcohol)
  4. Swish for 5 seconds – Here comes the burn
  5. DON’T SPIT the Listerine out – read on
  6. Now brush with Listerine mouthwash – Pain is just weakness leaving the body
  7. Spit
  8. DON’T RINSE – Just take it – Listerine will work for several hours provided you dont rinse or drink anything

That should fix your little red wagon REAL GOOD!

Wanna take it up one more notch? Try it again, but with an MD Brush –BOO YAH!

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