Do You Think Like a Dentist when You Brush? You Will Now!


pretty smile md brushIf you don’t think and brush like a dentist, there is a 70% chance you’ll get Gum Disease.

Most adults brush their teeth like they were taught back in the third grade – Up and down, circles or random scrub. These methods are good for getting the surface of the tooth clean, but fall short of accomplishing the true objective of brushing; cleaning below the gum line. If your over 25 years old and brush like a third grader, you will inevitably cycle through episodes of gingivitis until at some point you develop periodontitis – $$$$$.

In order to brush like a Dentist you have to THINK like a dentist, and that means knowing about the sulcus; a little pocket below the gum line where gum disease starts.

When a Dentist brushes their teeth their thinking about the BASS technique and getting the bristles below the gum line. Sounds easy right? Well it’s not, and it’s why 70% of people have gum disease right now. Brushing at the correct angle FEELS a certain way. Dentist know this and it’s why you will never see a dentist with gum disease.

We’ve spent seven years developing a toothbrush that changes the behavior of brushing. The MD Brush makes you think about position, in order to make you think like a dentist, in order to make you brush like one.

Think like a dentist and change the way you brush.

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