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No Joke, best toothbrush I have ever used. My gums no longer bleed and my dentist just gave me an A+ checkup

This brush forces you to clean at a 45 degree angle – WOW what a difference. Goodbye Sonicare

75% of people will get gum disease due to improper brushing.  

 It’s Time To Make A Change!


The secret to perfect oral health is understanding what effective tooth brushing  FEELS like; most people don’t. Contrary to popular belief, it does not involve circles, or up/down strokes like we’ve been taught. These common techniques clean the surfaces of the teeth but neglect the pockets below the gum line where disease-causing bacteria thrive and enter the bloodstream. The MD Brush’s multi-patented grip and bristle design place you at the correct angle to clean deeper below the gumline than ever before.  This revolutionary design teaches the secret of  THINKING and BRUSHING like a Dentist, and more importantly what that should FEEL like. Once the ” FEELING” is understood it becomes repeatable. Continued use of the MD Brush further alters the muscle memory associated with brushing which permanently breaks the cycle of bleeding gums and gingivitis. This can dramatically improve the quality of life, as research shows a strong relationship between oral health and whole body health. Every component of this brush (bristles, grip, and visual indicators) was designed to provide a deeper more complete brushing experience at a fraction of the cost of power brushes. You will discover a new level of fresh and clean not found outside a professional dental cleaning.

The MD Brush was preferred by 90% of Dentist and Dental Hygienist polled and maintains TOP Ratings on Amazon.

Order Your MD Brush today, watch the “How To Use Video” and we’ll change the way you THINK about brushing forever.




• Patented & Ergonomically Designed Grip
• Positions bristles at a 45˚ angle
• Fits securely in your hand
• Grippy, textured feel

• Patented “W-Cut” Tapered Design
• Center row cleans the gumline
• Outer rows clean the tooth surface
• Extra soft for gentle cleaning

• 45 Degree Visual Indicators
• Visual cue of correct bristle alignment
• Viewable in the mirror while brushing
• Helps ensure correct brushing angle

Created by a dentist and dental hygienist, MD Brush cleans your teeth and gums like no other toothbrush. The magic is in its precision grip, multi-tasking bristles and “Smart Mark” indicators, which together ensure you clean your mouth effectively every time you brush. After just a few days with MD Brush, you‘ll know what brushing properly feels like—and you‘ll never go back to an ordinary toothbrush again. But wait, there‘s more:

• Dual patented handle and bristles
• Sweeps harmful bacteria from the gumline
• Teaches you to brush correctly, effortlessly

Gum disease can lead to really bad stuff like:

• Heart Disease
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• Vascular Disease
• Low Birth Weight
• Osteoporosis
• Alzheimer‘s
• Pulmonary (lung) Infection

Um, thanks but no thanks!

The ” Shark Tank” Infomercial

It’s time to make a change and discover a more effective way to brush

Know Your Dental Health

Life below the gumline. Take this quiz to see if MD Brush is right for you.


Brushing with the bristles at a 45° angle is proven to clean your teeth and clear away disease-causing bacteria along your gumline. With its clever design, MD Brush helps you get it right every time.


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