Top 5 Teeth Whitening Tips Debunked

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There is plenty of misinformation about teeth whitening online. Are there things you shouldn’t do to whiten your teeth? Let MD Brush set you straight to save you money and potential damage to your teeth.

Myth 1: “Professional Whitening Gel and At-Home Whitening Gel Are the Same.”

Whitening gels have varying levels of carbamide peroxide (or hydrogen peroxide), which is the active ingredient that whitens your teeth. Professional whitening gels tend to be stronger than an at-home whitening gel. While stronger isn’t necessarily more effective, professional whitening does tend to be more efficient and long-lasting. Just be careful: as stronger gel is more likely to cause pain and sensitivity. Consider having your teeth whitened at your dentist for about $400 to $500, for a safe and efficient option. 

Myth 2: “My Teeth Will Stay White Forever.”

Nothing good lasts forever. Your teeth will continue to age and yellow as you drink your daily cup of joe. You’ll need touch-ups to maintain your pearly whites. This is one of the reasons our Activated Charcoal Toothbrush is a great option for maintaining your white teeth and overall oral health.

Myth 3: “UV Light Speeds Up the Whitening Process.”

There’s no proof that whitening teeth with a UV light does a better or faster job at whitening your teeth. In fact, studies show that the blue light doesn’t hurt your teeth’s enamel. While you don’t have to worry about the light hurting your teeth, you should be worried about how it can harm your eyes, lips, and gums. Better to be safe than sorry.

Myth 4: “Whitening Is Safe for Everyone.”

Parents and children are often disappointed when the adult teeth come in yellower than the baby teeth. However, whitening your child’s teeth can damage the live tissue inside their teeth. Only in certain cases can children’s teeth be whitened safely, such as: 

  1. All their baby teeth are lost.
  2. All of the adult teeth are in place.
  3. All orthodontic work is complete.

Consult your dentist about the best whitening treatment for your child to ensure it’s gentle and check out the next myth to read about whiteners safe for everyone. 

Myth 5: “Baking Soda Isn’t Safe.”

You may have heard that baking soda will disrupt the natural ratio of good to bad bacteria in your mouth. This simply isn’t true, baking soda is one of the best natural substances for whitening your smile. Try brushing once a week with baking soda, or using a dental tray that lets your teeth soak in baking soda. 

Activated charcoal is also a great substance to use when you want to get white, healthy teeth. Activated charcoal toothpaste or powder can whiten your teeth naturally and gently, and it’s safe for daily use! Using activated charcoal can help you whiten your teeth and get rid of troublesome stains. With sustainable stuff like bamboo, which is a natural detoxifier and odor reducer, it’s effective at whitening, polishing, and removing plaque. It’s a great option for kids since it’s natural and gentle: plus, the black color is fun to brush with! MD Brush’s Activated Charcoal Toothbrush allows you to whiten your teeth while teaching you to brush correctly and achieve a healthy smile.

Our “Flossify”

Don’t become a victim of these misconceptions about teeth whitening. Your smile is the first thing people notice about you, so do you research, consult your dentist, and take care of your teeth correctly. To whiten your teeth visit your dentist or use baking soda and activated charcoal treatments regularly to keep your smile looking pristine for longer. 

Whitening makes your smile look great, but your smile should also feel great. Brush and floss your teeth correctly by practicing the BASS method of brushing, using our MD Deep Clean Brush or Activated Charcoal Toothbrush for extra-whitening maintenance, and visit your dentist regularly. If you have more questions visit our contact page, read our FAQ’s, or check out our blog.

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